Oikocredit Philippines to hold 4th Partners’ Conference

Oikocredit Philippines to hold 4th Partners’ Conference

Partners-Meeting-photo-470px.jpgTuesday 14 October 2014

‘A shared vision of creating stronger, resilient and socially-responsive enterprise organizations’’ ‒ this is the theme of the 4th Partners Conference to be held on 24 October, back-to-back with Oikocredit Philippines’ 25th anniversary celebrations.

The theme highlights Oikocredit’s and its partners’ common agenda to meet the challenges posed by an evolving market landscape shaped by recent macro-economic developments in the region, changing environmental conditions, and tighter competition that requires strategic business thinking and professionalization, while at the same time, achieving social objectives. 

Oikocredit Philippines has convened the Partners’ Conference every two years since 2007. The meeting serves as a venue for networking, collaboration and updating on the latest trends and developments in microfinance, social enterprises and the business environment in general.

This year’s conference is divided into two parts. The first part will be a forward-looking discussion about managing risks within a changing environment. This will cover the ASEAN integration in 2015; how to develop resiliency and ensure business continuity amidst changing environmental conditions; how to create and sustain markets in strategic value chain platforms; and how to develop strong governance to meet the challenges of business growth and expansion. 

The second part will see partners sharing good practice in creating socially-responsive business organizations.  This will focus on adding value to clients, quick-wins in social performance management, business diversification that meets client needs and building resiliency through disaster management.

For more information, please email dgapas@oikocredit.org

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