Key areas

Oikocredit provides training and support in five key areas.

  • Risk managment and governance

Risk management focuses on addressing the main risks for our partner organisations, credit risk, governance and market risk to exchange rate risk, and agricultural risk. Oikocredit provides training in this area.

  • Social performance management

As a socially responsible investor, Oikocredit wants to play an active role in stimulating social performance and responsible finance among its partner organisations. This includes encouraging our partners to implement systems to measure social results such as the Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI) or to enforce and comply with Client Protection Principles (CPP).

  • Market coverage analysis and strategic positioning

This key area focuses on internal strategic and planning processes. It may be a strategic reorientation or an assessment of an organisation in a transformation phase. This also includes industry studies, expansion of markets and other improvements using the value chain development framework.

  • Product development

Oikocredit also helps partner organisations to improve their offer of products to clients by doing market studies, feasibility studies etc.

  • Agricultural value chain finance

Agricultural value chain finance has specific features that often need additional assistance in knowledge building from consultants, workshops or feasibility and market studies.