We provide loans and credit lines. Both are offered in euros, US dollars, or in local currency. Loan amounts are based on the partner's needs and the risk assessment of the institution. 

Credit lines are generally for a shorter term and are more flexible loan arrangement that basically provides the borrower with standby credit. Interest is paid only on the amounts drawn down at any one point.

Procedure for getting a loan

1. Fill-out Application Form. Oikocredit staff identifies potential project partner and assesses the request, preferably on the basis of a feasibility study.

2. Submission of Requirements. If a project seems beneficial, economically viable and meets the Oikocredit criteria, concerned organization is requested to submit a project proposal as well as required documents.

3. Project Appraisal. One or more field visits will be conducted for evaluation of the project. A meeting with the Board and Management Team will also be requested. We may also need to visit some of the beneficiaries/clients.

4. Finalization of Project Application Documents. If found satisfactory, a formal loan request is formulated.

5. Submission for Approval to the Credit Committee of the international office in the Netherlands. Regional development center forwards project proposal for presentation and approval to the Credit Committee of the international office in the Netherlands.

6. Loan is approved. Once the loan is approved, the legal process will start. The loan will be released when all legal documents are completed.

For more information, contact one of our country offices in the SEA region