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Microfinance partners honoured in the Philippines

awards-winners-25th-anniversary-ph.jpg17 November | 2014 Oikocredit partners and peers in the Philippines were honoured with awards in special recognition for their outstanding social and financial transformations. The awards were presented during the ... full story

Oikocredit Philippines: 25 Years of Building Oikos, Changing Lives

oiko-25-logo-220px-right-sidebar.jpg14 October | 2014 ‘Oiko’ refers to the ancient Greek word oikos, meaning house, community or world – places where people live together. Beyond referring to places where people live, it is also infused with greater ... full story

Oikocredit Philippines to hold 4th Partners’ Conference

Partners-Meeting-photo-470px.jpg14 October | 2014 ‘A shared vision of creating stronger, resilient and socially-responsive enterprise organizations’’ ‒ this is the theme of the 4th Partners Conference to be held on 24 October, back-to-back with Oikocredit Philippines’ 25th anniversary celebrations. full story

Recognition awards for clients of Oikocredit Philippines’ partners launched

Recognition-clients-photo-220px-right-sidebar.jpg14 October | 2014 On its 25th anniversary, Oikocredit Philippines will give special recognition to microfinance clients and grassroots stakeholders for outstanding performance in facilitating their own social and economic transformation as well as that of their peers. The award ceremony will be held on 23 October. full story

Risk Management in Agriculture for MFIs

RM-in-Agri-Photo-220px-right-sidebar.jpg14 October | 2014 A training-workshop on Risk Management in Agriculture was organized by Oikocredit SEA in Manila last July 7 to 9. The risk management workshop was designed for the growing number of MFIs and cooperative partners that have branched out into micro agri-lending to better serve their rural disadvantaged/farmer clients. The training aimed to help build partners’ capacity to manage risks in agri-lending and improve the quality of their agriculture portfolio. full story

Disaster Risk Reduction & Management pilot project: How do partners continue their business after a disaster?

DRRM-Photo-220px-right-sidebar.jpg14 October | 2014 The Philippines was chosen by Oikocredit International as a pilot area for institutionalizing Disaster Risk Reduction & Management (DRRM) among partners. Oikocredit started this global initiative early this year in the light of typhoon Haiyan and other disasters that devastated different countries in recent years. full story