The following are documents we normally require that we kindly request you to submit to the corresponding country office:

1. Audited Historical Financial Statements for the last 3 years

2. Business Plans for the inclusive years of the loan application

3. Project Proposal (download prescribed format - PDF file 26kb)

4. Registration Papers and Licenses of the organization

5. Articles of Incorporation/Cooperation and By-Laws

6. Board Resolution authorizing the loan from Oikocredit EDCS; Specific Amount of the loan; Designated Signatories of the contract; and Offered Collateral(s)

7. Copies of pertinent documents for the securities for the loan

8. Copies of program assessment/reviews, impact studies, or any relevant evaluation

9. Annual Reports for the last 3 years, if any

10. List of Board of Directors and Members of Management Team and their background and qualifications

11. Organizational chart