Responsible Lending

Oikocredit’s partners in the field are committed to delivering microfinance and development services in a manner that is responsible to the communities they are serving and puts the client first. We support our partners in placing client protection on equal footing with financial profit. 

Social due diligence: choosing the right partners

Oikocredit’s partners need to demonstrate a commitment to the social values and client-centered practices we wish to encourage, and follow the standards we want to see achieved.

We evaluate partners using the following steps:

  • Assessment – our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Scorecard allows us to determine a partner’s strengths & weaknesses in relation to outreach, social and environmental responsibility and providing benefits to clients;
  • Feedback – we share the determined strengths & weaknesses with clients, along with basic guidance; and
  • Monitoring – since 2005 greater attention has been placed on monitoring social results, and updates are now required twice per year.

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